Contractions. DD#1.

This is just a note mainly to remind myself when I started having contractions. During the 31st week, I started having strings of contractions. These aren’t Braxton-Hicks contractions.. they are hard and I can feel them spreading from front to back and the top to the bottom. Not timing them right now as they don’t seem to have a real pattern.

By the way, for anyone reading this, we are reaching another milestone as of next Thursday. We have DD#1’s baby shower at the church. YAY! I had assumed that there would not be a shower thrown for her since she was the second baby but it is a pleasant surprise. DD#1 is looking forward to Aunt Kaye’s cheeseball!!!! YUMMMM!!! (Are you surprised that I mentioned food? Really.. I couldn’t let this blog go without a food reference.)


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