32 Weeks. DD#1

Today officially marks that I am 32 weeks pregnant. My thoughts for today (in no particular order):
1. I didn’t sleep very well last night. (my body was cold and my face was hot.. I’m weird)
2. Only 8 weeks left. Wow. This pregnancy has flown by..
3. Must do SOMETHING about DD#1’s room.
4. My feet were already swollen when I got out of bed.
5. This is the first day that I am wearing bedroom slippers to work.
6. By the time I exited the car this morning, my slippers were already cutting into my feet.
7. I must get this tax project finished SOON.
8. My ears aren’t hurting today. yay!
9. I sooo could have cuddled up with DS#1 on the couch this morning and watched Ratatouille for the 8,529,601st time.
10. I can’t wait to put DD#1’s clothes in her closet (including the cute little head bands and bubble outfits that MIL gave her last night!)
11. What am I going to do with a little girl???? I’m accustomed to a little boy!
12. Those Cocoa Krispies this morning were delicious.
13. I can’t wait for our dishwasher to be fixed. 😦
14. I’m excited to see the finished product for DD#1’s Easter Outfit (Mom found a pattern just like I was looking for and she is planning on making it!)
15. I’m excited about DH’s Maternity Shoot that is scheduled for this weekend.
16. YAWN! I’m going to be soooo tired during our Breastfeeding class tonight.


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