Practicing my Bejeweled skills. DD#1.

Why? I know you are dying to know. Well, when I was pregnant with DS#1, I had long strings of contractions for about 2 weeks before he was born. And.. I needed a distraction. So, we installed Bejeweled on our desktop computer. At the beginning of the strings of contractions, I began my game obsession by sitting in our office chair. After a couple of days of this (and encouragement from DH), I switched to sitting on my exercise ball in front of the computer while playing my addiction. It truly became an addiction. I dreamed about how to get high scores on Bejeweled (nothing new here.. when Tetris on Gameboy first came out, I dreamed about Tetris moves. I’m weird. whatever.). When sitting on the exercise ball, the contractions became harder and closer together. And, I could feel DS#1 bearing down every time I sat on it for hours at a time. So… all of this discussion about Bejeweled is to say..

This Thursday, we will be 34 weeks. YAY!!! I haven’t installed Bejeweled on our laptop but I have discovered that has Bejeweled on their website. WOO HOO!! So, recently, while having contractions, I have taken Bejeweled up again. The contractions haven’t been regular. Some are 30 minutes apart, some are 5 minutes apart, some 7 minutes apart. So, I’m not concerned.. DD#1 and I are just practicing. 🙂 I am also not sitting on the exercise ball yet. DH did bring it out to the living room a couple of weeks ago and I am planning to start using it soon. Actually, if I survive the wedding that DH is scheduled to shoot this weekend (I’m only half kidding about the surviving.), I will start using the exercise ball on Sunday.. or Monday. I have a feeling that I will have my feet up through most of Sunday.

Also, as a note for me to remember in the future (you know, if we decide to go for another baby at some point.. IF we do..), I awoke this morning with severe swelling in my feet. I did stand for 30 minutes last night and wash dishes but.. it was only 30 minutes! Anyway, by the time I made it to work, the feet were bulging over my bedroom slippers. Even pushing water and keeping them up at work didn’t help. My hands are not really bad. My face is swollen but not as bad as the end of DS#1’s pregnancy. Yet. I’m an optimist. Do you know the difference between an optimist and a pessimist? A pessimist says, “It can’t get any worse.” The optimist says, “Oh, yes, it can.”


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