34 Weeks. DD#1.

We celebrated the arrival of 34 weeks by visiting the doctor and, consequently, labor and delivery. As I wrote in my last blog, my feet exploded overnight Tuesday. I kept them propped up under my desk at work but they continued to swell. So, even thought I knew there wasn’t really any thing they would tell me to do, I caved and called the doctor. Since they blew up overnight and I had PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) during DS#1’s pregnancy, they decided I needed to be seen and my BP recorded. My BP was 140/80 when I arrived at the office. It was a little lower when they retook it after Dr. Browning examined my feet but still not in the normal range. With the condition of my feet and my BP staying up, she decided to send me to labor and delivery for monitoring and tests.

The short stay in L&D was pretty uneventful and all of the tests came back clear. DD#1 was very active and her heartbeat was strong. I also had quite a few contractions while being monitored but nothing that was consistent. So, since everything looked ok, Dr. Browning wanted me to take it easy and see her again in a week. She put me on complete bedrest (I have to stay laying down on my left side) and told me to force fluids.

Anyway, that was last night. This morning started very interesting. While I was eating my Cap’n Crunch cereal, I started having contractions at 8 minutes apart. They weren’t terribly strong but weren’t Braxton-Hicks strength. They moved from 8 to 7 minutes apart and then, finally, 6 minutes apart. I finished putting down 48 oz of water and turned completely on my left side and they stopped. Anyway, here I lay. On my left side, typing sideways. Feeling a little blue and, unfortunately, it is pretty early in this bedrest thing to feel sad about it. The walls are a little close right now and I’m disappointed that I can’t help DH and my sister at the wedding on Saturday. 😦 DD#1 is more important.

If anyone has any good books or movies, please give me a yell.


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