She said, “Strict..” DD#1.

So, I went back today for Dr. Browning for observation. My feet were almost completely unswollen (downright BONEY!) and my blood pressure was only 120/70! I also didn’t gain any weight since last week. Dr. Browning was very pleased with these results and the fact that my face looked so much better this week than last week. So, her comment was, “This is great! And, you know what that means… we need to continue the bedrest!! It’s working!” yay. Fortunately, I have been paying for short term disability insurance since before we got pregnant with DS#1. I have a 14 day exclusion period and then they start paying. So, we are 7 days into our 14 days. Since our bills will be paid by the insurance, I wasn’t concerned about money.

Dr. Browning gave me a note for work that says, “strict bedrest.” This is the part that set me up for trouble. I have a huge problem sitting still for very long. Outside of irritating aspects such as my butt falling asleep, I just get bored. And, I feel like there is a long list of things that we need to get accomplished before DD#1 arrives. Poor DH. It’s up to him because of those words. Strict bedrest. I know it is best for the baby and me but I feel guilty. I can’t pick DS#1 up (I do.. but I’m not supposed to do so), I can’t help clean out DD#1’s room, I can’t help paint her room pink, I can’t help build her crib, and I can’t wash and hang up her clothes. Oh, well, with the help (and gentle proddings) of DH and my Mom, I will remember not to do stuff outside of the “strict bedrest” instructions. As an aside, I thanked Dr. Browning for taking the BP and swelling seriously last week. I don’t usually see her but I definitely appreciated her not blowing me off (like the other on call doctor did a couple of weeks ago..).

As an aside, Thursday will mark 35 weeks. So, even though I am officially on bedrest, I am going to start using my exercise ball. I figure that I can sit on the exercise ball for 30 minutes every once in a while and it won’t affect the bedrest stuff. It will help cut down on body parts falling asleep as often. We start weekly appointments with checks on our progress next Friday. Hopefully, the exercise ball will help us have some progress when Dr. L. checks me.

As a note to myself, DD#1 gave me a run for my money last night. While all of the contractions that I had were not “timeable,” there were a couple that awoke me and hurt pretty decent. Two specifically felt like someone was hacking my back. In the words of my mom this morning, “Good!” haha.


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