35 Weeks. DD#1.

Today marks 35 weeks. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing really monumental to share so here’s a list of noteables for the week.

– Had a filling performed today. yay for not having any more pain there. boo for having contractions while in the dentist chair.
– Where has our good boy gone? yay for his increased communications and personality. boo for temper tantrums and fierce independence.
– Went to Work today. yay for dropping off doctor’s notes and my laptop (and ALL RESPONSIBILITY!!). boo for the loss of my daily chats with my buddies.
– My co-workers threw me an (almost) surprise sprinkle. yay for their kindness and all of the cute clothes and gift cards. boo for my boss… who can ALMOST keep a secret.
– We are planning a work day on Saturday for DD#1’s room. yay for pink paint (got it today!). boo for I’ll be sitting on the couch while everyone else works.
– DS#1’s 15 month appointment was this morning. yay for a healthy baby. boo for blood draws and shots!
– DS#1 has graduated to eating from the menu at Moe’s. yay for moo moo mr. cows. boo for the mess that follows (on the clothes, in the hair, on the table, and in the diaper!)
– We’re waiting on God’s leading and provision about a bigger “family” vehicle and becoming closer to debt free living. yay for a dramatic increase in opportunities in both of the businesses. boo for car dealerships (and salesmen that follow you to your car when you are “just looking”)and impulse shopping… WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.. God’s timing is better!

As no post would be complete without notes to myself (to definitely persuade me to vote “no” for adding more kids to our household), here they are. Does he HAVE to throw his whole body down on the wood laminate floor? REALLY??? Does he realize that we would REALLY like to sleep tonight and, every time he hits his head, we have to wait TWO more hours before going to bed????? Where does he get all of his energy from? Why does he laugh/smile at us when we discipline him? As a positive.. he’s too cute when he dances to music on TV. And, there’s nothing like him holding onto me and doing his version of loving on me.. or when he falls asleep on my shoulder.


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