What am I doing?? DD#1.

So, last night marked the first time that I used my exercise ball. Some of you might be thinking, “She’s on bedrest.. what on EARTH is she doing exercising???” Well, I’m not using it to exercise. I’ve been told that, by sitting on a exercise/pilates ball, it helps speed up the dilation and effacement process and helps the baby drop down into position quicker. As I have talked about on here before, I did it for hours on end with DS#1 and I think it helped. Well, I started sitting on it last night. And, I am sitting on it now. Both times, when I initially sit down on it, my thought is “what am I doing??” Other people may have other experiences but, from the moment I sit down, I can feel the baby bearing down. It’s a lovely feeling. And, then, the contractions start. Last night didn’t have any timeable contractions but the ones that I had were strong.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my craziness. I guess we will see next Friday if this is helping my progress any. I will try my hardest not to be disappointed if there isn’t any progress but.. I probably will be. Oh well. Maybe DD#1 will be like DS#1 and be eager to meet us. Or, maybe she will be like me and stubborn. YEESH! I hope not!

Ok, I’m rambling and I will stop now. I guess I will do something constructive and edit photos while I am sitting here.. while DH and DS#1 are still asleep. 🙂 As an aside, we have destroyed our SECOND DVD player. Oh well.


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