Slowing down some. DD#1.

More as a note to myself than a blog. Yesterday, we had a nice string of contractions that lasted right at an hour and were each exactly 3 minutes 22 seconds apart (thanks to Contraction Master!). They stopped shortly after the hour mark but that is similar to what happened for weeks on end while I was pregnant with DS#1. The majority of the contractions were 50 seconds long with only three lasting over minute (one lasted 1 minute 34 seconds and, boy, was it a big one!). I assumed that she was just practicing but I did call to give my mom a heads up. I figured it would be better for her to ask her backup to be ready to fill in on the piano during the church service. Just in case. DD#1 has become very quiet lately. She still does enough movement to fulfill the kick count requirements but she has definitely turned into a lazy girl. DH says that DS#1 did this also at the very end so.. I’m not concerned. What is becoming a concern for me is the back pain. I have started having pretty bad back pain with each of the bigger contractions. I hope this is not an indication of whether or not I will have back labor with DD#1. I will be mentioning that on Friday to Dr. L. Other than that, everything is going well! I feel good (when not having those contractions) and am trying so, so, so hard to take it easy. That’s hard for me.

DD#1’s room is almost finished. Mom and Dad and my sister came over on Saturday for a mini-workday. They helped DH paint and assemble the crib. The only thing we have left is painting her dresser and the letters for her name. Then, she can come (after April 1st.. for insurance purposes!). Hopefully, I can post some pictures of her room soon.


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