1:49 AM. DD#1.

Yep, we’re up. DH spent most of the first part of tonight trying to train DS#1 to sleep in his crib (thank goodness for our old mattress set in DS#1’s room) while I slept.. for a little while. DD#1 has other ideas tonight. I slept for a little while and then was awaken by contractions. These have been hard, very hard, and “oh, my goodness, pack the bags” hard. I finally went to get DH to keep me company at around 5 ’til 1:00 AM. We started out in our bed with me just dealing with the contractions. Finally, we decided to come to the couch and me lay completely on my left side while pushing water. We’ve been timing contractions ever since then. As of right now, they are right around 5 minutes apart. I’m going to give it about ten more minutes and then take a hot shower. Hopefully, they will slow down soon. I really would like her to stay put for another week.

Anyway, DH is back from comforting DS#1 and I’m going to try to rest a little bit.


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