36 Weeks. DD#1.

YAY!!!!!!! This means we are definitely on the last stretch before the finish line. Since I am still out of commission, there really isn’t anything new happening again this week. We have spent this week loving on DS#1 (I think he’s becoming spoiled to both of us answering his every whim during the day.) and wrapping things up before DD#1 arrives.

I still don’t have pictures of her nursery but we still have to paint her dresser and her name for the wall. We also need to wash all of the smaller size clothes and put them away. I’m hesitant to wash the newborn sizes for fear that she is bigger than DS#1 was when he arrived. Hopefully, after this weekend, we will finish the furniture and her name. I can post the pictures after this weekend.

I have had a long list of to do items for us financially. Everything from our monthly bills, filling for my short term disability and FINISHING OUR INCOME TAX RETURN (yeah, I’ve been procrastinating that one..) to filing paperwork and doing some light billing for our businesses. Yesterday, I had a burst of energy and was able to wrap up a large portion of my to do list! YAY!

We have been taking short trips out of the house on most days. I’ve gotten flack from some people over being up and out of bed. I know these people are well meaning but I get kind of blue when I am stuck inside for extended periods of time. These short trips are an easy way to prevent me from feeling this way. So.. I’m trying to bite my tongue and we will continue to do what we feel is best for us.

Contractions, contractions.. DD#1 gave me a rest from contractions on Tuesday. They started back up Wednesday afternoon. They were pretty much 5 minutes apart while I was resting on the couch and at church for dinner. By the time I made it back to the couch after dinner, they fell apart time wise. I had them occasionally through the night and into this morning but nothing timeable. The strength of the contractions are increasing (and more in my back) so.. I’m hoping that they are doing SOMETHING! If not, I’m signing up for the epidural now because .. DS#1’s contractions were nothing like this and definitely not in my back.

Anyway, that is my dribble about 36 weeks. As I was reminded by a well meaning soul recently, I could have the baby this week or I could have another 6 weeks to go! WOW! With friends like that.. As an aside, we have a request from my sister that DD#1 either comes tomorrow (we hope not) or next week. She would prefer not to skip school and she is off next week. Hopefully, DD#1 will comply with her aunt’s desires for next week… after Wednesday!!

Enough rambling. I will post an update tomorrow after my appointment.


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