Pineapple, advice, baby pools, and DS#1. DD#1.

Random thoughts in which you might be interested..

If you haven’t noticed, I copied the blogs from DS#1’s pregnancy to this blog. They are all under 2007 and I thought it would be interesting to be able to compare DD#1’s progress with DS#1’s progress back then.

If you haven’t voted yet, go vote on our baby pool EXPIRED. DHs is planning on giving the winner something.. who knows what?

DH recently photographed one of his childhood friend’s wives for her maternity shoot. While he was changing backgrounds, I dispensed some BTDT advice to the FTM.. on how I worked to get DS#1 to come quicker. One piece of advice was concerning pineapple causing you to go into labor… I should stop giving out advice like that. Her status on MySpace today said that she “was told that eating pineapple would make u go into labor….so i ate 2 cans and found out i am allergic to it! my mouth is swollen & the kid is still inside!!” Umm.. I’m pretty sure that she won’t be listening to my advice anymore.

Oh well.. I still plan on eating some pineapple. Maybe somewhere around next Tuesday night. haha. And, since I’ve been pretty bored lately (as evidenced by the THREE blogs today), I may write a blog about all of the natural induction techniques that I’ve been employing. Who knows?


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