36 Weeks 1 Day OB Appointment. DD#1.

WARNING: This will be the first of the explicit posts. While they will not contain anything morally objectionable, they may contain explicit scientific details. If you have a problem reading about vaginas, contractions, dilation/effacement, blood, mucus, etc., STOP reading now. I’m not going to whitewash it for you. This blog is on private for a reason.

On to the good stuff..

We have been trying to train DS#1 to sleep in his room all night. While he did well Wednesday night, he didn’t do soo well last night. DH ended up helping him through the night last night. I, on the other hand, rotated between dozing and having contractions. I never timed them because, frankly, I knew I had to get up early this morning for my appointment. The contractions intensified when the alarm clock went off and they really got busy during my shower. They were back to back during my shower. They were so intense that I told DH that we needed to wrap up those last minute details and take the bags to the OB appointment. Just in case.

In the process of wrapping up details, we realized that we hadn’t retrieved the infant car seat from the shed yet. And… the keys to the shed (the ONLY keys..) were missing. After some running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we finally left the house. We dropped DS#1 at Mom’s shop (just in case they sent us to labor and delivery) and were on our way to the appointment.

Everything looked great. My BP was 110/70 and I didn’t gain any weight since last week’s appointment. I have to admit that I’m most excited about the lack of weight gain. YAY! Less to take off after her arrival!!! I did have sugar in my urine again…. I had Cap’n Crunch cereal for breakfast. 🙂 I had no swelling in my feet or hands. Taking it easy definitely has helped the swelling and blood pressure.

Today was the all-important Group B Strep test day. I was negative with DS#1’s pregnancy but they still do the test.. I hate that test. After Dr. L. did the GBS test, I told her about the abundance of contractions and, wouldn’t you know it? DD#1 had a contraction while Dr. L. was measuring me. (DD#1 is measuring approximately 37.5 – 38 cm so she’s a little ahead right now.) Dr. L. seemed to be oddly entertained by seeing me have a contraction and kept saying, “Look at that!” Yeah, you know, you can come hang out with us and see this happen pretty regularly. 🙂 She then checked to see if those pesky contractions have made any progress. And, they have! I’m 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. While she was checking me, she was able to touch DD#1’s head. Her comment (with a smile) was, “Well.. hello, baby!” So, at least DD#1 is dropping and making progress. She also stripped my membranes while she was checking me. So, hopefully, there will be more progress by next Thursday. YAY!!!

As an aside, the contractions have gotten worse since the exam (which was to be expected) and really get bad when I am walking. DH also found the keys to the shed and has finished cleaning out the car. The infant car seat is being installed as I type this. We picked up paint for the dresser and her name and will be painting those two while washing the rest of our dirty laundry tomorrow. We’re waiting on her now. 🙂


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