Hidden Talents.

DS#1 has them. He is gradually let his hair down and letting us see his hidden talents. We have watched him perk up for a while now whenever music comes on the tv or radio. He also calms down pretty quickly when we play “Stars and Stripes Forever.” However, a couple of months ago, he began to show one of his other talents. He started dancing to the music on tv. And, you have to see the dancing. It is definitely in rhythm to the music but he occasionally gets sidetracked by trying to walk or some other regular task. He will occasionally stop dancing and direct the music.

Then, lately, he has revealed another talent. He has started lip synching. If a tv theme show comes on, he will lip synch with the music. Granted, he’s not very good at this one but it is hilarious. Anyway, the musical abilities are definitely there and it has been a hoot to watch him reveal them.


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