A new natural induction technique. DD#1

So, I didn’t try this one with DS#1. Yesterday, my sister needed to run to the mall to look for an Easter/senior portrait dress. I decided that I wanted to go with her and my mom. Granted, I spent most of my time sitting on the benches in the middle of the mall. (I did go into crack for mommies.. AKA The Children’s Place.) I guess I did enough walking though. After we got home from the mall, we hung out at Mom’s house and had Olive Garden at home. Ok, not quite but we had lasagna, garlic breadsticks, and chocolate silk pie. It was yummy. Oh, yeah, and contractions. Definitely had those. They started about 7 minutes apart. They rotated. 7 minutes, 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 4 minutes and finally about 3 minutes apart. They, with the exception of a couple, were over a minute long. So, Mom volunteered to keep DS#1 in case we decided to go into the hospital.

We went home and I showered then went to bed. I had some ugly contractions while sleeping but attempted to make it through the night and get some sleep. I awoke for the last time this morning to.. you guessed it. More contractions. They are doing the same thing this morning that they did last night. 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 1 minutes. They’ve all been over a minute this morning. Since they are so hard and relatively close together, we probably will be taking a trip this morning. If they stop, yay! Maybe we will make it to April 1st. If they don’t, maybe we will have DD#1 sooner rather than later.


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