Stubborn baby. Stupid nurse. Grouchy mama. DD#1.

I called and describe the contraction situation to the on-call nurse after lunch. She recommended going into labor and delivery to be monitored. She also warned me that:
1. the on-call doctor may not want to see me (yes, that made me want to say, “then why send me??” and yes, it is the same on-call doctor that I had issues with about a month ago.)
2. the on-call doctor may choose to stop my labor if I was indeed in labor. (her reasoning was that I am still a couple of days shy of 37 weeks and my OB practice defines “full term” as 37 weeks.)

Anyway, she urged me to go. So, DH and I went. And, we received the normal treatment that seems to follow me when I go into triage. What I would like to explain to these wonderful women is that THEY encourage pregnant women to come to triage. THEY tell pregnant women not to take chances when they think something is out of line. THEY should take some type of bedside manner course because obviously they don’t realize that the pregnant woman laying in the (uncomfortable) bed in front of them is actually a person.. that they just implied was unintelligent. And, that pregnant woman actually helps pay for THEIR salary.

Cutting to the chase:
The contractions stopped before we got to triage. She checked my progress and, apparently, I have gone BACKWARDS from where I was at when Dr. L. checked on Friday. (Didn’t know that happened..) Everything else looked healthy so she explained to me that every pregnant woman at this stage of their pregnancy had the occasional contraction. She offered to check me again to see if my “few” contractions had made any progress. I declined and we went home. I was feeling pretty crappy when we left. And, now that we are home, guess what? Yep. The contractions are back. Oh, well. I’m not timing them anymore. I’m waiting on my water to break or Dr. L. to keep me at one of my appointments. We won’t be making the trip to triage again. period.


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