God’s sense of humor.

You know He has one, right? There are plenty of examples.. the duckbill platypus is the first that comes to my mind. DH and I are an example also. How? There are plenty of instances where WE see His sense of humor but here are two.
Date: Mother’s Day 2005. Location: Orange Park Mall.
I was dating a man that was definitely NOT who I needed to be with but, at the time, we had discussed marriage pretty seriously. In fact, we were at Orange Park Mall to pick out my engagement ring. DH was dating a nice, Christian girl that he thought was right for him but wasn’t (I’m not trashing her. Both of them will say that it wasn’t God’s will.). I didn’t know DH and he didn’t know me. I knew he went to our church but that was the extent of it. Back to the mall. I was walking in the mall holding hands with the guy that I thought was my future husband. I then saw DH’s GF walking towards us holding hands with her boyfriend, DH. I smiled at her (I had known her family since before her mom was pregnant with her). She smiled back. DH didn’t even realize someone had passed them. Neither did my boyfriend. And, neither did I, really. Not until DH proposed to me did it sink in who passed me that day and the importance of it. There we were. Both DH and I. We were both with people that were completely wrong for us and there was God. With His sense of humor intact, by the way. While we were settling for the scraps, He was busy parading in front of us His very best for us.

Date: 2007. Location: MIL’s family dinner room table.

DH and I were newlyweds and we were having a family night at the Inlaws’ house. MIL was performing the task that I look forward to doing with our kids one day. She was showing her child’s new spouse all of the old, old family photos. As we flipped through the albums, she narrated. We went to flip from one page and I caught the page. And stopped. There it was. Another moment with God’s sense of humor. Here is the picture.


Do you see it? Do you hear God laughing? 🙂 The cute little boy on the pony is DH. The date is circa 1988. Almost 20 years later, his new wife, while she thinks that the little boy is cute, is drawn to the background. See the couple walking behind the ponies? The man with the red beard and red hat and the woman with the blue hat? That’s DH’s future in-laws. My parents. I don’t believe in coincidences and I think God knew that picture would be taken. And, that we would share a moment of “wow” and ultimately, praise. Praising God’s sovereignty and provision WAY before either DH or I wanted to reject our own ideas of our future spouses and rely on His perfect provision.

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