37 Weeks Appointment. DD#1.

We were hoping for some significant progress by this appointment so.. here is what we found out. I gained 3 lbs since the last appointment (on Friday) but my feet had started swelling again and we reasoned that the weight gain probably came from the swelling. My BP was 140/90 when checked by the nurse. Dr. L. said that I had protein in my urine also. (WOW. Good news in abundance, right?) She listened to DD#1’s heartbeat and it sounded fine. She is also measuring 37 cm so Dr. L. thinks that she has dropped further. She did the internal exam and stripped my membranes again. I’m 3 cm and 50% so at least we are progressing. Dr. L. let me relax a little after the exam and then rechecked my BP. It was higher than before so she had us go to the NST room. We did a fetal non-stress test to check how DD#1 was doing with the BP situation. She did fine during the NST and my BP was lower when they rechecked it. Dr. L. has us coming back on Tuesday for another NST, a sonogram to check the fluid level around DD#1, and another exam with her.

As Dr. L. said, the best thing would be for DD#1 to just make her appearance and we wouldn’t have to worry about the BP situation. 🙂

Anyway, that was the appointment. Let’s see what happens over the next couple of days.


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