Blog Take Over. DD#1.

DH here for the next couple of blogs that you will see. When we arrived at the hospital I had to reassure WIFE that I thought that her water had definitely broken since normally, most people cant pee for 30 minutes straight. After we got into the labor and delivery room I was very anxious to be able to go back outside and get the rest of our goods…the camera bag, the lenses, the computer, my inflatable bed, my coffee maker, my carafe, my pillow, and our clothes. Before I went outside I decided to make a stop off in the waiting room so that I could say hello to everyone and give them an up date with how everything was progressing thus far. DS#1 was reading a book with Mamma and I snuck up behind him and attacked him with some kisses. While I was in there a man was holding what I think was his 7 week old grand child. DS#1 immediately turned his attention to the little one and I proceeded to ask him, “See the baby?” He looked at the child very perplexed and very confused about how to handle this information of an infant. My thought was, “Boy he is going to be ticked when we come home from the hospital and one of those stays with us.” More later as the evening goes on. 7:00 pm Pitocin upped.


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