Here we go… DD#1.

Picking up from last night, the vomiting started right before we went to bed last night and lasted until about 3:30 this morning. At my 4:30 am bathroom trip, I didn’t have any vomiting or contractions. That figures since I had already decided if they continued until 6:00 am we would call in to the OB. I got about 2 and a half hours sleep and then got up and ate my cereal, and sat on my birthing ball. I sat on the birthing ball most of the day but with no real contractions with the exception of about three real good hard ones. At about 3:00 pm I decided that I needed to go to the restroom. After using the restroom I stood up and pulled my underwear up and immediately wet my underwear. I thought to myself, “Did you not sit there long enough????” I changed underwear and leaned over the sink to pick up my toothpaste. I immediately wet the new pair of underwear and decided it was time to tell DH that perhaps my water had just broken. I went into the living room in my T-shirt and underwear and informed DH, “ I can’t stop peeing my self, I think my water may have broken,” and proceeded to soak my underwear. DH called mom to come get DS#1 and I took a shower. We called the OB and headed to St. Vincent’s. About 3:51 the nurse confirmed that my water had broken and we were promptly moved to a Labor and Delivery Suite were we answered all of the necessary questions and filled out paper work and all of that crap. About 5:45 Dr. Wells came in and checked me and said that I was 4 cm, 60 %, and negative 2 station and broke what was left of my bag of waters. Contractions are about 5 minutes apart. No epidural yet. Since I haven’t been having contractions today he also started me on Pitocin. We are waiting and watching Braveheart right now and it is probable going to be a long night.

We will keep you updated as the night goes on.


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