She’s here! Here’s the short version for those that are hungover and too excited to wait but too sleepy to read the details.

Date: 4/6/09
Time: 12:37 AM
Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz
Length: 20.25″ long

Long version, since our last update.

I moved from 9 cm to “just a lip left” pretty quickly. By midnight, we were doing practice pushes with the nurse. Pretty quickly, I was told, “Breathe. Just breathe. If you do anything else, I will be delivering the baby.” The nurse called everyone into the room. The nurses and Dr. Wells came in and prepped me and the room. After about 3 pushes, she was out! I had a small tear in about the same area that I tore with DS#1 but nowhere near the same degree (YAY!!). I got to hold her as soon as Dr. Wells suctioned her nose and mouth (which I didn’t get to do with DS#1) and I think that was the sweetest moment. Truthfully, she was nasty looking with all of the cottage cheese junk on her but she is OUR nasty little one!!

The nurse took her after a few minutes and cleaned her up. Her APGARS were 9/9 and, boy, did she show off her temper (that she got from her daddy.. haha.). The nurses and Dr. Wells kept commenting on how “solid” she was and how “it was a good thing that I had her at 37 weeks”.. until they weighed her. She wasn’t that big at all!! 🙂

Outside of the couple of hours (that felt like YEARS) where the epidural didn’t work on both sides, DD#1’s labor was sooooooo much easier than DS#1’s labor. I feel great! I’m sure the lack of sleep with catch up with me soon but, as of right now, I’m awesome. And, I think it is safe to say that DH and I are both in love. 🙂 DS#1…. maybe, not so much in love with her. He was pretty standoffish.

We would love to see everyone but we would just ask that you call first to see how we are all feeling that day. 🙂 Please know that it is nothing personal if we beg out of visitors occasionally. Hospital room phone number is blah blah blah (we will be here until at least Tuesday and they SAY Wednesday.. hope not.)

As a side note, I was concerned about DD#1 and breastfeeding. DS#1 never latched on properly but, from the way it seems, DD#1 did well in the delivery room. Everyone keep praying that it continues to go well.

Pictures a little later.. Going to take a nap before they bring the little girl back to us!


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