No Progress.. DS#2.

Because of the really bad crampiness and back pain that I’ve been having, we decided to call the OB to be checked. I’ve been paranoid that, as quick as I went from my cervix being a tad “soft” to 3 cm and 50%, labor will be quick once everything starts happening. So, Dr. L was on call so she waited at the office for me after they had officially closed so I wouldn’t have to go to L&D. I gained about 1 lb since I last was at the OB (yay!! 😦 ) but at least my BP wasn’t bad at 130/70. She checked me again and I’m still at the same 3 cm and 50% that I was at my appointment. I was a little disappointed just because of all the back pain. I told her that those are new with this pregnancy so I was hoping they meant progress. Nope. Oh, well. He needs to bake a little while longer. 🙂


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