Ummm… DS#2.

Just in case you were wondering, this paranoid Mom still has no progress. Last night was a nice little “haha! I’m in charge, not you, Mom!” exercise for little DS#2. I’ll give you a rundown of the night/morning.

2:26 AM
We went to bed around 10 and started timing the painful contractions at 12:54 AM. I was having bad bad bad ones every 9 minutes. These were lasting 1:30 – 1:52 in length. I was also having smaller ones about every 3 – 5 min between the bad ones. I decided to shower and see if they stopped. Hard ones still about 9 min apart. I decided to sit on the birthing ball in case they were real. Just had the first one while sitting on the ball. I don’t know where there are going but ..

3:21 AM
Hard contractions are around 6 min apart. I’m also feeling really, really sick to my stomach. This reminds me of when I was expecting DS#1 and was really sick the night before delivering. The one that just started is down to 5:13 apart. They’re in the 1 minute long range. I’m going to give it until 4:00 AM and then call if they’re still going. Complaining time. I’m so tired. Not a good start to things, huh?

3:44 AM
We’re heading back to bed. Only because I’m indecisive and don’t know if these are REAL labor. UUghh.. I hate not knowing.

6:07 AM
Awoke to the same contractions. Finally called the OB. Talked to the on call nurse and she set me up to come in at 9 AM. We’ll see what’s happening then unless my water breaks or I start bleeding before then.

DH and I went in to the OB office at 9 AM and saw Dr. Browning. She checked me and no progress. BP was good and I gained very little weight between Friday and today. She also advised me not to call the office unless I was having contractions every 5 minutes and could set my watch by them… ummm… ok. Whatever. We’re going back to our rule from DD#1’s pregnancy in which we said that we would not go to the hospital unless my water breaks.


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