Contractions, contractions, everywhere. DS#2

Well, it’s 4:45 PM and, since 1:00 PM, I’ve been having contractions that were around 3 minutes apart. They vary a little. 2 min 40 sec, 3 min 15 sec, 3 min 30 sec, 2 min 50 sec. So, since we can’t “set a clock by them, we are not calling the OB. We are waiting on my water to break. I guess we will see if it does, huh? 🙂

I’ve requested that DH make Country Fried Steak, rice, and gravy on the office chance that this is my “last meal” before DS#2 arrives. hahahahaha. It’s gonna be awesome!!

Just so that I don’t have to go back and count what I am.. I’m 36 weeks 2 days today. 🙂


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