The straight poop. DS#2

Again, I’m warning everyone that I’m gonna be blunt. If you are easily offended, stop reading. Please.

After months of prenatal vitamins induced constipation, I’ve been dealing with quite the opposite problem over the past two days. Backing up (haha. no pun intended..), at my 35w3d appointment, I admitted to the OB that I was severely constipated. Like, to the point that DH was scared for me to go to the restroom. I think he feared that I’d push the baby out while in there. The OB said that she knew that while doing the internal exam and gave me some suggestions. I took Miralax for a couple of days and it did its job, thankfully. However, yesterday and this morning, I think my body has a mind of its own. It has been cleaning itself out every time I visit the restroom. This is encouraging and a little nerve wracking to me. I have heard that (1) constipation holds up dilation/effacement progress and (2) your body will clean itself out before labor begins.

So, just another note to self. 🙂 Like everything else going on right now, I guess we will see if this leads to labor.


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