WHAT?!?! This is a blog take over… DS#2

DH Here! Please do not ridicule or criticize anything that I mispell. It’s not my body and it is not being done to my body. I am just the messenger.

12:45 AM-“DH, Wake-Up, I hurt.”

12:47 AM-“DH, please wake up.”

12:53 AM-“DH, I am having contractions! Wake UP.

“I’m Awake.” Listen when you can’t sleep…wake up your spouse. If you have to be miserable, they should be too. I am seriously not joking about this. If I was sick…I am dragging WIFE into the bath room to watch me vomit.

Anyway, the battle royal continues with contractions that last from 3 to 5 min apart and usually about a minute fifteen a piece. That’ll bless ya!

Time to take a shower and follow that up with a Tylenol PM. Hour later…didn’t work.

The determining factor for calling the doctor? The same thing that sent us over the edge with DS#1. Vomiting and…the other thing that no body likes to say because it just feels like a dirty word. That and a TWO AND A HALF MINUTE contraction. It really is about that time that you wanna punch someone.

On call nurse said after describing the problems that we were having that she should be in route. We left 30 minutes later. Arrived at the hospital and wished that it was like the movies. “M’am, here is your wheel chair. Let me take you to Labor and Delivery.” Reality, drive up to the second floor and walk the length of a football field. And when you get to labor and delivery please wait in the waiting room while we get a triage room ready. Scared the life out of some poor woman in the waiting room. I think she thought that she was going to give birth in the waiting room.

So back to triage we went…


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