Operation Stop the Gluttony.

Background: I had our 3rd baby (DS#2) in September 2010 and weighed an all-time high when admitted to the hospital. I was unhealthy to say the least. I had been on bed rest for about 3 weeks for pre-eclampsia. My size was the main contributing factor to the pre-eclampsia. Anyway, after having DS#2, I wasn’t able to walk because my hips hurt so bad. He had been a big baby (born at 36 weeks and weighing in at 9 lbs.. another side effect of my weight. YIKES) and had damaged my hips. So, I spent the next approximately 6 weeks trying to overcome the hip injury from having DS#2. In the mean time, I was still having blood pressure issues because I wasn’t losing weight. I wasn’t losing weight because I couldn’t get off the couch. My blood pressure was high because of the pain I was in constantly and from my weight. I had to get the weight off to reduce the blood pressure but … Remember the hip problem?? Vicious cycle. Ugh. It was a difficult and frustrating time. In that time, I became convicted about my size. I was approximately 100 lbs (at the time of DS#2’s delivery) overweight conservatively. God began showing me that, while I wasn’t a “drunkard,” I was a glutton. I knew that drunkenness was a sin (1 Corinthians 6:10) but He began showing me that my overeating was a sin also (1 Corinthians 3:16-17, Romans 13:14, etc.). So, as I became convicted of that sin, DH and I began to discipline our bodies and try to bring them under control (1 Corinthians 9:27). We had to start with just eating modifications because of my hip situation. By God’s grace, my hips slowly healed and we began losing weight. We eventually started doing Weight Watchers Online, exercising with the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer game, and Bob Harper’s Kettlebell workouts and have had a good amount of success. Since I gave birth to DS#2, I’ve lost 81.5 lbs!! Praise God!! I have approximately another 21 lbs left until I read my ultimate goal but I’ve set 12/1/11 as my deadline for that goal. We’ll see.. 🙂


One thought on “Operation Stop the Gluttony.

  1. You are rocking and rolling sister, keep it up! You’re an inspiration to me. Those last 21 lbs. are going to fall off and you’re going to ring in the new year looking wonderful!! Keep it up!

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