My New Favorite Videos.

I have this special friend (hey special friend 😀 ) who loves to share with my babies. Whether through hand-me-down toys or loaning videos, she is always very generous to bless my family beyond how I could ever thank her. Anyway, not so long ago, she loaned us a set of videos that had been helpful for her kids when they were early learners. We’ve yet to go through all of the videos (my kids aren’t ready) but we’ve fallen in love with the ones that we’ve viewed millions of times already. 🙂

Our faves:

1. Leap Frog Letter Factory – Teaches letter identification and sounds.

2. Leap Frog Math Circus – Teaches numbers 0-10 and simple addition/subtraction.

Just a word about the Letter Factory DVD, we only had the kids watching it when we ran errands around town. It was only short 30 -45 minute trips around town but they watched it repeatedly. Since watching it, #1 (4 yr old) and #2 (3 yr old) can easily repeat all 26 letters and their sounds. Meanwhile, #3 (19 months) can easily yell the sounds for letters A-D. While not a “formal” part of our homeschooling, these videos have been invaluable. I recommend them for anyone looking for non-“brain sucking” DVDs for their kids to enjoy. 🙂


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