The Great “Pre-Homeschool” Experiment.

When we moved here, I blogged about beginning an experiment with our oldest son (3 years old at the time) and “pre-homeschooling.” I  call it “pre-homeschooling” because he was only 3 and I am not fully ready to admit that we are homeschooling. Haha. I thought I’d give a progress report of where we are with our experiment.

We have almost finished our first full year of the experiment. We do the very basic exercises that I described in that first blog but we’ve added a little bit. We read a Bible story each week and review it outside of actual “school” time. We also have a weekly Bible verse that he is to memorize. (At last count, I believe he’s memorized 24 Bible verses since we started the experiment.) We’ve also started watching the LeapFrog DVDs regularly and we do occasional writing exercises. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his progress overall and DS #1 actually enjoys learning. It also has tested my patience quite a bit. So, we’ve both learned something. 🙂

Since DS #1’s birthday misses the cutoff for starting Kindergarten in August, he isn’t supposed to formally start until August 2013. With his desire to learn, his ability to recognize all his letters (and their sounds), count from 0-15, and starting to sound out words, we were faced with a hard decision. After much prayer and discussion, we’ve decided to start him on Kindergarten material in August. I’ve reviewed a variety of curriculum and we’ve decided to go with A Beka. We’re excited about this new adventure and I know he’s very excited to learn new things. We’ll be doing some light learning during the summer but will be hitting it hard in August. We’re also going to be starting DD #1 with some of the simple lessons that we started with DS #1 in October. We will skip most of the very basic letter flash cards because she knows all her letters and their sounds.

All in all, while I’m still not a homeschool fanatic, I have become a (sometimes unwilling!) convert.


2 thoughts on “The Great “Pre-Homeschool” Experiment.

  1. I like the expression “pre-homeschooling.” 🙂 It sounds like you guys are off to a good start!

    It’s funny…I wasn’t a fan of homeschooling either. One could honestly say I was very anti-homeschool in fact. Then things changed. My son was almost two different children. The 6 yo at home who was happy, engaged and always learning; and the 6 yo at school who was miserable and withdrawn. Anyway, private school simply wasn’t an option financially and I ended up pulling my son out of public school in a fit of anger and deciding to homeschool, just the remainder of that school year. That was in October 2005. And yes, we are *still* homeschooling 😀

    As a side note, if your children enjoy the LeapFrog activities, and you want them to have a little computer/fun time that is actually computer/fun/LEARNING time, take a look at LearningGamesforKids ( It’s a totally free site with tons of games, in just about every subject. Both of my boys enjoyed LeapFrog and JumpStart games/activities, and they really liked the games they found on LGfK as well.

    Hope your “pre-homeschooling” continues to go well! 🙂

  2. Hi Katie!
    I was anti-homeschool at first also and my hubby was the main proponent. I honestly tried it thinking that it would fail and he’d drop it. haha. ((This is me with egg on my face.)) Kudos to you for lasting 6 years!! That’s awesome!

    I will definitely look into LGfK as I’m always looking for new stuff like that! Thank you so much!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my sanity break. 🙂

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