Home Improvement Saturday: The Kitchen. Part 1.

Just a couple of notes before I begin these posts:

1. We are NOT DIY gurus. haha.

2. We fail more than we succeed.

3. We love Lowe’s and like to just walk around in there.

4. I’m SURE we are doing this wrong. If we are, please don’t tell us. We are having too much fun doing this. (See #2 above.)

5. It may take us a long time but we are determined. And on a strict budget. Thus, we DIY.

Ok,  when we moved to Tennessee, we bought a structurally sound, larger, BLAND (read: EVERYTHING IS KHAKI!!!) house. It met all of our basic requirements (close to hubby’s office, large number of bedrooms, room for a playroom downstairs, and not on a postage stamp piece of land). Thanks to our FABULOUS realtor (Dan Craddock!), we got an awesome deal but, in the back of my mind, I labelled the house as having great “potential.” You do know what the label “potential” means on a house, right? If you said “$$$$$,” then you are absolutely correct. Since we are a one income family and trying to be debt free, that means DIY.

Since cooking is one of my most fave things to do, I voted to redo the kitchen first. This is what we were working with when we purchased the house.

In the short amount of time between when we first saw the house and when we closed on the house (I believe it was around 2 weeks or so), I developed a list of DIY kitchen projects.

1. Hideous green countertops must go. Granite was my first choice.

2. Hideous khaki cabinets must go. I thought they needed to be white.

3. Mismatched appliances needed to be replaced.

4. It was too bland overall. Somehow, I wanted to add color.

5. HATED the tile floor and I would like a dark hard wood floor. This is a very, long, long way away from now. 🙂

The kitchen had plenty of positive features.

1. Good number of cabinets.

2. Nice size.

3. Good amount of counterspace with the island.

4. Good light from the window in the kitchen and the adjacent bay window in the eat-in area.

So, we choose to repaint the cabinets as our first project and rode to the neighborhood Lowe’s to review our options. The very helpful paint dude assured us that we would be able to use a simple all-in-one paint and primer and it would do the job well. WRONG.

This is the bookshelf at the other end of the kitchen after ohhhh, I don’t know, maybe 14 coats of all-in-one paint. We didn’t know what we were doing and spent way too much money on this stupid paint that was supposed to do miracles. We finally received the advice that we had glossy painted cabinets prior to our attempt at painting them white. Therefore, we needed to sand them. And, we started…

We quickly found this to be a very tedious process. Our goal was to have this finished before the new countertops were installed. Yeah, that didn’t happen because of how long the process became and how busy our life became. Next week, I’ll blog about the countertops and where we are currently with the cabinets.


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