Priorities. Budgeting Special Topic.

When I wrote the blog on how to do Budget Basics, I honestly overlooked a very important part of making your family’s budget. My aunt pointed out my senility (thanks!!) in the comments. 🙂

If you are a professing believer, your priorities should be:

1. Christian

2. Spouse (if married)

3. Children (if you have them)

4. Employee

Budgeting is an essential part of being a good Spouse and Parent but you have a higher priority than to your Spouse or Children. God is your first priority and, in order to have the rest of your list work, you need to correctly place Him in His place as first in your life (sound like when we talked about Lordship?). You do this especially in the area of finances and budgeting. If you are a professing believer, I urge you to begin tithing to the church at which you attend. I recommend you starting with 10% of your gross income (gross… not net.) and pray about how God would have you give sacrificially above the 10% of your gross income.

Are you groaning? Are you saying, “Yeah, well, we can’t afford to give 10% of our gross income as tithe.”? Well, I will tell you that I’ve been there. Our finances have definitely been so tight that we felt that we couldn’t tithe. We’ve also choose not to tithe at times and we’ve tithe even though we didn’t “have the money” to tithe. Was life easier when we didn’t tithe? Well, yes and no. Yes, we didn’t write that check. No, in another sense, it wasn’t. When we choose not to tithe, we were being blatantly disobedient to God and, therefore, sinning. God didn’t bless our finances at all during those times and, being honest, we struggled that much harder trying to make ends meet.

I’m not saying to tithe because you are afraid of your finances getting worse. Don’t tithe out of fear. Tithe because it’s a commandment from God and you desire to have Him as Lord (supreme Controller of your life) and be obedient to Him. God blesses obedience (and yes, sometimes, it is a HUGE sacrifice to be obedient to Him financially) and He loves when we cheerfully hand Him control and allow Him to provide for us. God does provide for those who are laying down themselves daily and striving to live for Him.

If you are a professing believer and you have no desire to give your tithe, might I suggest that you re-evaluate if Christ is actually your Savior and Lord? Our hearts’ desires are often shown in what we pursue monetarily.

I’ve been blogging about how I stretch our monthly budget and you can read more in the following posts:

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BTW. Please note: I’m not a debt counselor or any type of professional who is qualified to give out actual financial advice. I’m simply telling you some of the ways that I am helping stretch our monthly budget. If you want to read actual advice from a qualified debt guru, I recommend Dave Ramsey.


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