How I stretch our monthly budget. Part 5.

Last time, I wrote about Cutting the Fat. Round 2. Specifically, I talked about how I cut our grocery bill. I promised that I would talk about free groceries. This also can tie into increasing the monthly inflow for our budget without having another “paycheck.”

I participate in a variety of rewards programs and, typically, they reward my participation with gift cards. These gift cards can be to gas stations, local restaurants, pharmacies, or websites. I use these gift cards to purchase necessities (groceries, clothes, etc) or to buy birthday presents for the kids. I’ll give you a very brief description of a couple of the rewards program in which I participate.

Swag Bucks. Points (called “Swag Bucks”) are earned by performing a variety of tasks which include searching the web (just as you would search on Google), watching videos, taking surveys, etc.

Superpoints. Points are earned by clicking the SuperLucky Button each day. Other ways to earn are through watching videos and taking surveys, etc.

Viggle. Points are earned for watching TV shows and commercials. An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch are required to participate. The Viggle app is available in the App Store.

These programs may not be for you but, for our family, every $5 Amazon gift card that Swag Bucks gives me is free groceries for our family. I will order 12-24 cans of green beans, carrots, peaches, etc with those gift cards. With every can of vegetables that I order with a gift card, I am stretching my family’s grocery budget AND I’m able to feed my growing toddlers more vegetables. That’s a win-win situation for me. 🙂

I’ve been blogging about how I stretch our monthly budget and you can read more in the following posts:

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BTW. Please note: I’m not a debt counselor or any type of professional who is qualified to give out actual financial advice. I’m simply telling you some of the ways that I am helping stretch our monthly budget. If you want to read actual advice from a qualified debt guru, I recommend Dave Ramsey.


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