Home Improvement Saturday. The Kitchen. Part 2.

We started shopping for countertops as soon as we purchased the house as we still had “house” money left over after making our down payment. We found a local contractor who gave us a great deal on the countertops. We knew that we needed to proceed with having them installed (regardless of the cabinets not being finished) because we’d spend the money if we didn’t. Anyway, as a reminder, this is what we started with at the purchase of the house.

The contractor did a phenomenal job and these are our new granite countertops.

I believe the color is called Aztec Gold and has tan, black, white, and grey. The color scheme will coordinate with the current khaki walls but will also be good with my plan to paint the walls grey. Did I mention that I would like to paint all of the walls on the 1st floor a nice grey color? No? Well, that’s because I promised my hubby not to discuss it until we’ve lived here for a year. It’s all a slow process that requires lots of patience. So, what do you think? Big transformation, right? I love it. Next week, I’ll give you an update on the kitchen cabinets. They are coming right along. 🙂


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