Confession Time. Weight.

I had a friend request that I write a little about my weight struggles and I replied by telling her that I intended on writing about my continued weight loss journey after DS#3 is born. However, I’m feeling icky right now so here goes nothing.

My current state: I will be 26 weeks pregnant on Thursday. I weigh and take a progress picture every week both to document this pregnancy and to help keep me focused on my ultimate goal: staying healthy through this pregnancy. As of last week (25 weeks pregnant), I had gained 10 lbs., my blood pressure is really good, and my doctor is very pleased with my overall health.

My confession: This week has been HIDEOUS. If it is bad for me, I’ve eaten it. AND, I’ve enjoyed it. I haven’t eaten a ton of food but I’ve enjoyed my share of Butterfinger ice cream, pizza, and french fries. I also haven’t stepped on the scale since Sunday AM. At that point, I was up higher than 10 lbs above prepregnancy. I’m not fixated on my weight to the point that I am dieting while pregnant but I know this is a slippery slope. I need to cut out the “bad” food eating and refocus my efforts. I will be better for it before AND after delivery and DS#3 will definitely be better for my efforts. Come on, refocus, and let’s get back on track.

The reason behind my icky feeling: STRESS. It’s been a very, very stressful week for our family, I internalized that stress and I went into my comfort zone. Quick, bad food. That junk isn’t the answer and I know that. Focus on God having a plan (even in the horribly stressful times!!!!) and rely on Him for strength and comfort. Don’t use food as a crutch.


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