Back to normal.

Well, I feel very out of sorts today because I’ve gotten accustomed to blogging every day. I missed last week because my in-laws were in town for a visit. Slowly, I’m going to get back into this blog groove.

As part of my new normal, I’m thinking that I’ll blog a little about our summer Good Morning Girls’ study of Proverbs 31. The study started today and this morning’s verses were short and sweet. We simply covered Proverbs 31:1-2. They are very cut and dry verses that explain that King Lemuel received these wise words from his mother. So, in short, she’s very intentionally parenting her child. That’s a good example for me and one that I fail at constantly. I need to take all the opportunities I have (even the “mundane” ones as a SAHM) to intentionally lead my kids towards Christ and a Christ-centered life. Anyway, this study is going to be challenging. If you haven’t started it and are interested, go to Good Morning Girls and check it out.


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