Confession Time. Today’s Struggle.

Ok, it’s not really just today’s struggle. I’m just admitting it today. Before I was pregnant, I struggled with overeating. Since I’ve been pregnant, I really have been focused for the most part. I’ve kept my weight under control and I’ve eaten pretty healthy. In the past month (I’m almost 7 months), my appetite has gone INSANE! I literally could eat constantly. Fortunately, I really don’t crave sweets (ok, there was the run-in with homemade banana pudding and homemade pound cake…) and generally just want food. Like squash. Or okra. Oh, man. I could EAT sautéed okra allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day long. Or a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. Or, like I talked about yesterday, a banana with peanut butter on it. I do occasionally crave something sweet but usually it is normal food, thankfully. Anyway, I’m having a definite appetite increase lately and my weight has shown it. When I took my 27 weeks photo, I was up to 19 lbs above prepregnancy. That was Thursday and I’ve lost around 3 lbs since then as of today. I think most of that weekly gain was from the sweets (and sweet tea) that we ate while my in-laws were visiting last week. So, I’m stabilizing. I’m not freaking out over the weight gain since I’m below where the doctor says I should be in relation to overall weight gain. I’m struggling with the constant hunger. I eat snacks regularly but they don’t satisfy this insane hunger. I just do NOT want pre-eclampsia again. This is what haunts me when I think about this continual hunger. I know DS#3 is gaining lots at this part of the pregnancy so I guess I’ll keep attempting to satisfy this hunger and try to dodge the sweets.


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