Meal Time Transitions.

I don’t really know why I’m blogging about this except that one day, I’m told, I’m going to look back and recall these times with fondness.

We are in transition for our meal times with our kids. DS#1 (4) and DD#1 (3) are our main targets. In the past, we have catered to their meal time desires (i.e. chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc) but I’ve been wanting to transition them to eating everything we eat. Both for my ease of preparation (I’m SO tired of cooking TWO meals three times per day!), more frugal budgeting, and healthiness (our meals are much healthier, as a rule, than processed chicken and fish).

So, we’ve started this transition. It’s been… rocky to say the least. Our DD#1 (formally a very picky eater) has generally been very agreeable about the change. She will even eat spicy Mexican casseroles without complaint. DS#1, however, is a completely different story. He’s always been a non-fan of anything “weird” texture wise. And, by “weird” texture, I mean any foods that aren’t chicken nuggets. For the longest time, he wouldn’t eat spaghetti because it was “dirty.” We finally persuaded him to take his shirt off while eating it and he was good to go. It actually tasted good! Imagine that.

Lately, we’ve been branching out from the normal food we’ve had them try and been trying things like Mexican casserole (new versions), roast, turkey tetrazzini, and chicken alfredo. With DS#1, we have to be very firm. “No, you ARE going to at least try the food” is frequently heard at dinner time. Occasionally, there are bribes. I admit it. Whether it is a small serving of jello or a small handful of cookies, sometimes we do what we need to do. More often than not, they end up raving, “Mama, this is my BEST FRIEND!” This is toddler speak for “I like this!” YAY! Success!!!

Anyway, adventures in toddler-land. 🙂


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