I don’t really have any organized thought processes today so… I am blogging the mundane thoughts that are in my head.

– Finally made it to the 3rd trimester. Feeling the weight of this pregnancy now finally. I keep reminding myself that it has taken 7 months to “feel” pregnant. That’s a lot better than with the 1st 3 pregnancies.

– Speaking of “feeling” pregnant, I do. Backaches, mildly swollen feet, irritability, etc. are my constant companions.

– Positive side of “feeling” pregnant is happening also. DS#3 is definitely growing and VERY active. His active time is every evening after the older kids have gone to bed. He rolls around, kicks and, generally, performs for his daddy and me. He also loves to listen to harder Christian music. Think Skillet. He is his daddy’s son.

– I am SO feeling the need to be more organized in this house. My To Do List is growing exponentially by the day and our schedule is going to get crazier in June and July. Our kitchen cabinets aren’t finished, the newborn equipment needs to be found (from our move…) and cleaned, diapers organized, the pantry organized, I’d like my living room carpet shampooed, etc, etc, etc. It just grows and grows.

– I am really wanting to go for a family walk tonight. My hubby isn’t home most weeknights but he is on Thursdays! This may be the night! ๐Ÿ™‚

– I am hoping to start my plate wall for our eat-in kitchen area soon. I keep seeing inspiration on Pinterest and finally ordered some of the plates to get started. Gotta brighten up these dull, khaki walls!!!

– I’m at a loss on what to make for dinner tonight. Hmmmm… what to make…

Ok, well, those are the thoughts rumbling around in my head.


One thought on “Randomness.

  1. Yay for such a different, more healthy pregnancy for you this time! Can’t wait to see that baby #4! Skillet, really baby#4? Wow, hurts my ears just thinking about it. Ros, that could be an indication of this ones personality… wide open! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you got that evening walk and as for dinner… you always have great meals so no need to fret. Love you, dear friend.

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