Intentional Parenting.

As I said in a previous post, I am part of a Good Morning Girls Bible Study during this summer and we are studying Proverbs 31. I had planned on posting my thoughts on each day’s study but I haven’t. I’m lazy and senile. Just kidding. I just haven’t. I thought I’d do a wrap up of this week’s verses and my thoughts. The verses that we covered this week were Proverbs 31:1-9.

This section of scripture was advice given to King Lemuel by his mother. I didn’t recognize the name “King Lemuel” so I started doing some internet research. Scholars much smarter than I theorize that Lemuel may have been Solomon. I found this information interesting because, if that is true, this passage of advice was given to Solomon by his mother, Bathsheba. Given Bathsheba’s start with Solomon’s father, David, I’d say that she has some insight into cautioning her children about how they should live and the people/women with whom they should associate.

Anyway, the first week’s verses deal with her instructions on how her son should live. I guess the main thing that I took away from this week’s study is how intentional this mother was with the discipleship of her child. The scripture says that these verses were an oracle taught to him by his mom. She took time to teach him this wisdom and he remembered it. So, I’m thinking that lesson wasn’t taught once.

What concerns me when relating these verses to my life is the lack of intentional time spent with them. I do their “school time” and their “Bible time” but is that enough? Do they get lost in the daily grind of being a SAHM? Do I feel more pressure to keep all my “balls” in the air and neglect the commit to raise them daily? Do I get more focused on getting dinner on the table, washing white clothes, or paying bills that I am annoyed at “little” moments with them? Ugh. More to work on.


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