Creative Punishments.

We’ve been struggling with punishing our kids when they disobey. We’ve tried a variety of punishments and, honestly, our kids are so stubborn that nothing seems to work.

Bible verse memorization (see yesterday’s blog) works reasonably well. They don’t care anything about restricting their TV viewing time as it is limited already. They don’t care if you take toys away and will even help you pack them. Discussions don’t work as they just nod and walk away.

So, we are try a combination of things for DS#1 currently. I’m working on a list of Bible verses (some he has already memorized) that will be used for specific circumstances but we are also starting to impose sitting in the corner time… with a “No Talking” stipulation. You see, DS#1 loves to talk. Constantly. This has already been enforced twice this morning (and the day is still young…) and he seems to be actually affected by this punishment.

I guess we will see how the day progresses and this punishment works. In between the last paragraph and this one, Time Out #3 has occurred and he recited “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). His crime? Fighting with his siblings. Again. I hope he picks up on this quickly.


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