Things to Remember. 29 weeks.

I was talking about my insane hormonally driven actions and thoughts with a friend of mine this morning. She reminded me to try to focus on the good part of being pregnant with (more than likely) our last baby. She’s right. So, here’s a little reminder post for me later in life when we are done having babies.

This is the first pregnancy in which I can actually feel which body part is sticking up in my belly. My favorite time is when DS#3 will run his little foot across my belly repeatedly. He’s not kicking but just sweeping it across. It has become so distinguishable that, occasionally, I can actually grab and hold his tiny foot. Only for a second or two can I hold it before he jerks it away and starts kicking. Such a cool feeling to be able to play with him before he’s actually “here.”

And, now, I’m crying. Seriously hormonal but at least these tears are happy ones. 🙂


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