“Helping” clean the playroom.

“Helping” clean the playroom has become a challenge for me. I’d like to say that, since this is the oldest chore for our kids, they’ve mastered it. Nope. Everyday, it’s like twisting their arms and banging my head against the wall to “encourage” (ok, force is a better word…) them to finish.

If I sit in there while they clean, I feel like I’m a Helicopter Mom who hovers too much. I wonder, “Will they learn to clean it when I’m not watching their every move??” If I don’t sit in there, they don’t clean it beyond picking up a few odd toys.

My solution?? Well, I “help.” In other words, I go physically show them where each toy goes and encourage them to find the next toy’s spot. It’s tiring at 7.5 months pregnant and frustrating at any point. However, I continue this course of action in the hopes that they learn. Maybe they will??? They are watching me clean so I guess that’s teaching how I expect it cleaned. They know I won’t pick up all the toys and they know they will be punished if they don’t help significantly. I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo. “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” 🙂


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