I guess this should be tagged as a Confession post because… well… I’m gonna come clean.

After the last blog post, I’m sure it sounds like I have some things figured out about being a good wife. Nope. Wrong. Well, it may sound like that but I proved that incorrect yesterday. To say that the day didn’t go well yesterday is an understatement. It was a combination of different things.

I didn’t do my quiet time and just hit the ground running.

Busy schedule for the hubby.

The oldest kid (4 yr old) didn’t feel well and neither did I.


Blah, blah, blah, blah… I could go on and on but I think you get my drift.

With all of the craziness and DS#1 not feeling well, we ended up not going to church. The day was spent with the kids and I just generally not doing well emotionally. And Tylenol-wise. haha. Fighting the runny nose and weepy eyes that only truly plague a house with 3 toddlers and a pregnant lady. It was a disaster. By the end of the day, I’m sure my hubby felt completely tortured and stressed. Talk about the very essence of “doing harm.” Yikes.

We started over today. It’s amazing the difference that actually doing your quiet time and focusing on God and His plan have on your day. I actually feel sane and can appreciate that God is working everything for good regardless of how I feel at the moment. And, DS#1 awoke feeling better. So, even after a night of very little sleep because of horrible weather, tornado watches, and kids in and out of sleeping in our room, this has been a much better day. Perspective helps especially when I change MY perspective to match God’s perspective.

By the way, today’s Good Morning Girls’ verses were Proverbs 31:15, Psalm 5:3 and Mark 1:35. Just in case you would like to change your perspective. 🙂


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