Making Wise Investments.

I’ve always been something of an entrepreneur. I love playing with dollar amounts and figuring out how that money is best used and stretched. I’ve also had my share of small businesses. Pampered Chef consultant, Shirt business owner, Photography business co-owner. These were the businesses that actually made me (and my family once I was married) money.

Then, there was the grand plan ideas. (Don’t laugh. Loudly.) Race track owner. Baker. Quilt-maker. Personal shopper. Lifestyle consultant. (Ok, this one still interests me bc who wouldn’t want to yell uplifting and inspiring things to people like Jillian Michaels??????) Social media consultant. (And, this one is pure laziness. I like social media so why shouldn’t I try to earn a paycheck at it???)

I have the drive and ambition to be an entrepreneur. I love the money side of it and deciding whether/how I can be successful financially. Because of this part of my personality, I actually was THRILLED to read today’s verse in Good Morning Girls. It was Proverbs 31:16:

“She considers a field and buys it;
with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.”

I initially read it this morning and thought, “SCORE!!!!! I FINALLY already have one of the qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman! Now… what dream business can I start and help make our family’s finances better????” Then, I did my prayer time and God convicted me. My job right now is rest. No, not physically rest but rest in God’s plan for our family. Rest in my husband’s ability to work hard in the position in which God placed him. My job isn’t to find another way to “bring home the bacon” but to stay home and care for my children.

Staying home and caring for my children is an act of entrepreneurship and I have to remember this fact. I have to remember that I have many investments to look after on a daily basis. I must budget my time, our family’s finances, and my desires in a wise manner much like the woman did in Proverbs 31:16.

She considered the investment.

I imagine she looked at the field and considered whether the field was suitable for a harvest. Whether it would be able to provide for her family financially. She would be investing her family’s finances! That’s serious business! We did this when considering whether I would stay home with our children. We knew the immediate “cost” of me staying home would be a tax accountant salary. We knew that, realistically, that salary would outweigh the possible salary of a children’s pastor. We also knew that there would be reductions of that cost. We took into account that my “salary” would not be my actual salary. The amount I would bring into the household budget would be smaller because of income taxes. If I stayed home, we wouldn’t need a huge gas budget because I wouldn’t be commuting. We wouldn’t need a daycare budget because I would be the primary caregiver. We also wouldn’t need as high of a transportation repair budget because I wouldn’t have as much mileage being placed on my vehicle every day. Gradually, the “investment” of me staying home began to look more and more “affordable.”

She reaped the harvest of her investment.

The Proverbs 31 woman didn’t just consider her investment and then purchase it. She labored after the initial investment and guess what??? It paid off! “…with the fruits of her hands she plants a vineyard.” With her hard work, her field became a vineyard and that vineyard would bring a harvest! So, what’s my point here?? Well, it isn’t enough for my hubby and I to have considered the cost of me staying home. Or, even for me to agree to stay home and not look for a job. I have to push past simply not being employed outside of our home. I have to work and work hard. I’m not necessarily working towards a monetary investment return. My hard work will reap a harvest though. I have three toddlers (and one baby on the way) who will be an eternal return on my (& my hubby’s) investment. It is hard work raising them day in and day out but no other work is worth more.


4 thoughts on “Making Wise Investments.

  1. I can totally relate to this post! I too have that entrepreneurial streak! I’m always thinking of what business to start – or get involved with. The Lord has convicted me many times for where my focus is – I can easily get sidetracked from being my husbands help-meet, my childrens mama and the keeper of my home. I truly believe there is a time for everything – and that God will show me where He wants me to be.

    • I agree especially with the timing of everything. Right now, I believe my “season” of life is focusing on home. There may be a more “entrepreneur” related season later in life but… until then, it’s just a distraction. But, having entrepreneur traits is a gift that God gave us and it benefits running our households! 🙂

  2. Love this! Your last sentence sums it all up. There is a time for everything, and God will show us step by step where He wants us to be. From a fellow at home mom with dreams for another day, but today to invest in our most precious endeavors, our homes, husband, and children 🙂

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