Peanut Butter Stains.


This picture may make you scratch your head. Has she lost her mind? Why is she blogging about a peanut butter stain on her shirt??? Crazy lady.

Monday’s Good Morning Girls verse was Proverbs 31:15. Today’s verses were Proverbs 21:5 and Proverbs 16:3. All three verses talk about being intentional. Rising early, planning, success, and failure ultimately.

Our church has been having VBS this week. Since my hubby is the kids pastor and I had signed up to help, I knew the week would be hectic. VBS would end at noon each day and, on normal days, noon is an hour after our toddlers’ lunch and nap time. I knew that I would need a rapid, toddler-friendly meal available as soon as they left their classes. So, I had a plan. I would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every morning. They would be ready as soon as we got home and the kids love them! Success!! Cheap success!!!

Monday morning came and went. Did I fix the sandwiches?? No. We stopped at a fast food restaurant on the way home. $20.40 later and we had lunch. Do you realize how many PB&J sandwiches could be bought with $20.40? Fail.

When Tuesday morning came, I was exhausted. Did I make the sandwiches? No. Again, fail. Again, $20.40 was given to our local fast food restaurant.

This morning, when I read today’s verses, I felt very convicted. Proverbs 16:3 and Proverbs 21:5 very clearly show that I was going about the simple subject of my family’s lunch in the wrong manner. In Proverbs 16:3, I’m told to commit my work (HELLO?!?!? Providing my family with food is my job. REMEMBER???) to the Lord. In Proverbs 21:5, I’m shown the contrasting pictures of someone who plans diligently (and sees abundance) and someone who lives hastily (and sees poverty)! The second picture of someone refusing to plan and actually carry the plan out, is EXACTLY what I’d done on Monday and Tuesday. And, being brutally honest, my family had $40.80 less to our name because of my disobedience. I definitely was not committing my work to God’s glory. I was placing me on the throne of my life. Bad juju.

So, after reading the verses, I show you my peanut butter stain that I got while making five peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After being disobedient on Monday and Tuesday, I chose obedience today. It felt much better and the kids LOVED their sandwiches. 🙂


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