I didn’t blog much at the end of this week because I am WHOOPED!! Our church’s VBS ended on Friday and our family is trying to recover from it. I thought I’d blog a tad about how pregnant life is going right now. Just so I remember. (Before I start, no, I am not complaining… this is my blog. I love my kids and I love being pregnant. I don’t take it for granted and I don’t see it as a nuisance. I am simply documenting my pregnancy. Just FYI before I get any of those type of messages.)

I was 31 weeks on Thursday and I have been on my feet A LOT this week. Therefore, I guess I should expect this to occur. When we emerged from VBS on Friday around lunch time and put the kids down for a nap, my hubby and I claimed our favorite couches and snoozed. I was awakened by my hubby asking me, “Are you awake? Do you need to go shower?” I asked him why I needed a shower and he said that I had been having contractions back to back in my sleep as he could hear my moaning with each one. Since I was awake then, I started monitoring them. They were so-so. Slightly uncomfortable but not “labor” type pain. I switched to my left side and started drinking water. I did end up taking a shower because they escalated pain-wise and were about 3 minutes apart at that point. The abundance of water and the shower seemed to help and they eventually slowed to around 15 minutes apart by the time we went to bed. As we sat in bed and watched TV, the contractions got a tad closer but then my back started hurting. I was concerned that perhaps I was having contractions in my back so I went to bed early laying on my left side.

I don’t recall having any contractions during the night so, after breakfast this morning, we gathered the kids and hit the grocery store. About 10 minutes into the shopping trip, the contractions were back. UGH! FRUSTRATING!!! Anyway, we finished the shopping trip in 30 minutes (that MUST be a new record!), made our last stop and headed home. I’ve laid on the couch on my left side while drinking water most of the day today. The back pain was the overwhelming concern for today as the contractions were pretty scarce. As of now, the back pain has gone away but I’m still trying to take it easy. I definitely will be asking the OB to check me at my 32 weeks appointment on Friday given all of this activity. I think it’s just a reaction to my increased walking this week and decreased water intake. I’ll ask just to be cautious. Anyway, we are on the final stretch and all of these contractions seem STRANGELY familiar.


2 thoughts on “Realness.

  1. charlene carroll says:

    Hang in there girl! I still remember when u called you that night my back was hurting and you told me to call! Good thing I did or I could have had Graelen at home LOL

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