Happy 32 weeks to me!!!

Let’s start the running list of things that I’m thinking right now about pregnancy.

– Still no swelling in my hands or feet.

– Because of that, my wedding and anniversary rings STILL FIT!!! AMAZING!

– Up approximately 23.5 lbs above prepregnancy.

– He drops more and more every day. My hubby and I decided that he looks like a torpedo this morning.

– Back pain still hanging around but not constant. My theory is that he is pulling from the front.

– Contractions occasionally but nothing time-able.

– Energy levels vary from day-to-day. In general, I have very little but I will still have occasional bursts and be able to do laundry or dishes.

– My hubby is amazing and picks up my slack on a constant basis. (Not much longer, honey, I promise!!!)

– The kids have really started to enjoy playing with the baby. DS#1 especially likes to sit with me and talk to the baby. I hope that he will be ok with DS#3 getting a promotion and moving out of his womb soon. 🙂

– Going on the hospital tour tonight. So weird to be planning to deliver at a different hospital after three babies.

– My Sunday School class through us an awesome baby shower this past Sunday. DS#3’s butt will be covered (literally!). 🙂 So, thankful for the love that the class has shown us.

– Missing my family as the delivery approaches. I know we are supposed to be here but I miss them. It is sad to think that they will not be here for DS#3’s birth.

– We have been searching for a big dresser for DS#1 and DS#2 to share before DS#3 arrives. We think we have found one and are supposed to pick it up tomorrow. The woman is only asking $60 and it is red. I hope she holds it since I am getting a tad anxious to do our furniture switching around before DS#3 arrives.

– We ordered DS#3’s Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer this week. We had one for the first three kids and it was a miracle worker. Unfortunately, I think three babies using it killed it. :/ So, it was a must have for DS#3. Done!

– I still would like our carpet shampooed in the living room before DS#3 arrives. I just don’t know if we will have time. Our schedule is packed for the foreseeable future!

– My hubby is working diligently in his spare time on our kitchen cabinets. I’m very proud of his hard work. Even when he is tired from working his actual job or helping me, he still works hard on the cabinets.

Anyway, those are my thoughts at 32 weeks pregnant. Only 4 weeks from when DS#2 was born and 5 weeks from when DD#1 and DS#1 were born… Anyone want to start a little pool on when DS#3 will arrive???? 🙂


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