The Cost of Ministry.

Today’s blog probably isn’t going to be smiles, ¬†sunshine, roses and rainbows. Not at all politically correct, I’m afraid, for the role I play.

I love to hear people say, “What’s so hard about being in ministry????” The list that could probably be started would be long: long hours, weird (or lacking) time with your spouse and kids, people issues, burnout, etc. Overwhelmingly though, for me, today is the hardest part of ministry. Today. Father’s Day. Or, Mother’s Day. Or, Thanksgiving. Or, Christmas. Or, the day your baby is born and your family is twelve hours away.

I don’t really know why I’m even writing this post. I have head knowledge that I am exactly where God would have me be. I am his wife and I love him. I love seeing him serve. I love serving with him. I love our church. I love the people who are here serving with us. I love our house and the area in which we live. Yes, there are frustrating moments (like the list above) in ministry but… by far, I miss my family terribly. This is the cost of ministry. Time, money, and distance separating you from those who you love.

I know that God is my strong tower (Proverbs 18:10), He is my portion (Psalm 73:26), and I know He is working everything for good (Romans 8:28). My faith in Him and His plan hasn’t wavered. I just miss my family.


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