My Procrastination Cure.

I started to write this blog on Monday but… I decided to wait until today. Can you tell I procrastinate a tad? It’s my life motto. “Why do today what I can blissfully put off again tomorrow??” 

After 34 years, I have finally found the tool that has changed my procrastinating life. I have an iPhone and have discovered the HUGE impact that the Reminders list has on my psyche. I actually WANT to complete my tasks!

It all started when my hubby forced me to update my iOS. (I don’t like to update it because … well… I feel like people are keeping track of me. Don’t ask. It’s one of my “ticks.”) When I at first discovered the Reminders list, I found it very handy in reminding my hubby of his To Do List. I joked that the Reminders list was a feature obviously created by a woman. I called it “Virtual Nagging” as it reminded my hubby without me having to actually nag–uh, I mean remind him. 🙂

I enjoyed it back then but didn’t realize how life changing it would be for me until just recently. I recently started a To Do List that needs to be completed before DS#3 arrives. Some of the items are of vital importance but I keep forgetting them (pre-registering at the hospital) while other items are important but I just can’t make myself do them today (thank you cards, find the bath sling, etc.). Anyway, I made my list using the Reminders list. Don’t have a heart attack but I am actually excited to complete each item and check it as complete!!! Since Saturday, I have completed SIX items already!! It gives me such immense satisfaction to be able to click on the box beside each item and I’ve found that to be a driving force. I’d like to say that I can be internally motivated but I admit that I can not. I guess whatever works, right? Perhaps I should make a To Do List for house cleaning, one for DIY projects, and one for Home Improvement items. 🙂


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