33 Weeks.

Since I am officially 33 weeks, I thought I’d update on where things are currently. BE WARNED. If you are offended by talk of dilation, effacement, vaginas, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc, this blog will increasingly become a place where you are uncomfortable. More than likely, from now until delivery day, there will be blunt updates on my progress. Feel free to close this blog now. Ok? You’re still here so… you’ve been warned.

At last week’s appointment (32 weeks), I asked the OB to check me because I’ve been having lots of lower back pain and some good runs with contractions. Some have been pretty consistent but I could get all of them to stop. Therefore, I knew it wasn’t labor but was curious if I was progressing. He checked me and, at 32 weeks, my cervix was soft and about a fingertip dilated. That’s about where I was with the last pregnancy when I was 33 weeks pregnant. OB wasn’t concerned because I have had three vaginal deliveries since 2007. Anyway, my blood pressure is good and OB is thrilled with my limited weight gain. We are progressing fine.

Contractions this week have not been anywhere near as time-able as they were prior to 32 week so that makes me more comfortable. The ones that I had were doozies though. I’m just trying to avoid overdoing any physical activity and starting a long string of contractions. DS#3 does feel like he’s dropping more but is still a very active little boy.

I also have officially hit the “I’m tired” stage. If I can make my kids understand that Mama needs to just lay on the couch every afternoon, we will get along great. Consequently, they are watching a tad more TV than usual. I see it as an excellent excuse for more cuddle time with my “big kids.” Plus, if it took me 33 weeks to reach the stage of being tired, I’m thrilled. I definitely didn’t last that long with the other pregnancies.

The To Do List is progressing. I’ve completed my Thank You notes, bought a nursing nightgown, bought DS#3’s going home outfit, bought his bouncer, and located all of my breast pump equipment. I’ve also completed a “Complete Guide to The Crazies” for the wonderful peeps who will be watching the big kids while I am in labor. This helps relax me a lot to see that progress.

Anyway, that’s the update at 33 weeks.


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