Home Improvement Saturday. Big Boys’ Dresser. Part 1.

When we were expecting DS#1, we originally purchased a nursery suite of furniture for him. The crib has been passed down to DS#2 but the chest of drawers was used by both boys. With DS#3 due to arrive very shortly, we knew that clothes for three growing boys wouldn’t fit in one chest of drawers.

So, I’ve been keeping my eyes open on local classifieds for a dresser. Specifically, I wanted a long dresser that was really sturdy (both DS#1 and DS#2 have been found climbing different pieces of furniture so sturdy and lower to the ground was imperative) wood. I knew that I wanted to repaint whatever we purchased so I wasn’t too picky on the finish. Oh, and cheap was imperative also.

After much searching, we found one!!! $60 bought us this guy.

We decided to cut straight to the chase and just strip all of the red paint off of the dresser. There were some scratches (a lot of scratches actually) and cup rings on the top of the dresser so it had to be fixed.

Hubby applying the stripper.

Stripping it right off! Easy peasy!

Completely stripped and hand sanded any spots of paint remaining.

Hopefully, we will begin the painting experiment in the next week!! This is exciting to see the transformation. 🙂


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